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Pleased to invite the family to eat the food fast food? We suggest that after reading the following will be considered again if frequently invites the family to eat in the restaurant-fast food restaurant.

Behind the inviting feeling addicted to fast food in the food or junk food was a lot of the bad that can be incurred in the future if eat often junk food.

Besides junk food usually contain dense calories, fat and spices with high salinity so that cause taste sensation that is delicious on the tongue. Type of food is not healthy because of fat, calories and other substances-substances that contain exceeds the specified limit. While the composition of a healthy food must be balanced.

If junk food is reaching children and become part of the lifestyle they feared the risk of various diseases will have a spy since early. Such as disease and diseases such as Obesity degeneratif will attack when the adult such as the heart, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other type of serious disease.

Therefore, children should be avoided or not frequently consume. Better still with the actual food and nutritional well-balanced nutrition.

No equilibration

Junk food is called food waste feasible because the value is calculated from the nutrition, food is not balanced. Normal packet portion of fried potatoes for example can contain 500 calories, hamburgers around 500 calories, not to mention the added drink soda when the total calories a food can exceed 2000 total calories.

Average calorie requirement for adult men are on average only 1,900 calories, while children around 1500-1900. Means, one dish meals, not including drink, has been through more than half the calorie needs for children.

Junk food can also contain cholesterol and high sugar. While the uterus essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals thus ignore. Which is feared, junk food likely contain hazardous substances such as preservative and adictif substances that make children addicted.

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Dorothy L mengatakan... @ 6 Mei 2009 12.24

Excellent post!
If people could only see what fat looks like once it is stored in the body...they may think twice about putting fatty junk food into it.
We would never put oil in our gas tanks because we know it is harmful and causes much damage....so why do we not take just as good care of our bodies as we do our cars?
Have a very positive day!

Yulia mengatakan... @ 8 Mei 2009 23.36

nice info..
Because junk food often lacks useful vitamins and minerals..people who eat an exclusive diet of junk food suffer from nutritional deficiencies which could cause health problems..

Dr Adil Ramzan mengatakan... @ 4 Februari 2012 10.10

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